American Stand Up was founded by active duty members of the United States Military while stationed overseas.  Expanding upon the values of their military background, American Stand Up was built with one mission in mind:  Take care of fighters.  With this as our foundation, we have operated American Stand Up profit-free since Day #1, giving all profits back to fighters in equipment and sponsorship. 

The initial vision of American Stand Up was to sponsor professional fighters in pursuit of their dreams, but along the way American Stand Up came across a huge and unexpected problem in youth Martial Arts.  Hidden in towns and cities across the country were world-class youth athletes that are never given the opportunity to showcase their skills on the elite stages.  Lack of funding prevents these youth athletes from traveling and competing in regional, state and national competitions.  This basically means that there are talented and dedicated kids that are being held back by no fault of their own. 

To the leadership team and American Stand Up, this scenario is totally unacceptable and drove the creation of the “American Stand Up – Youth Fund Raising Program”.  Knowing that we had the resources and ability to rectify this problem for many youth athletes, American Stand Up designed the program.  In keeping with American Stand Up philosophy we operate it profit-free.  All proceeds go towards providing travel, equipment and tournament funds to elite-level youth athletes. 

We are opening our youth sponsorship program to 50 teams in American (1 in each state) and will close the program by January 1, 2009.  Youth and high school martial arts, wrestling, and boxing teams are eligible for this program.  If you are interested in applying for this program, please send an email to


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