It began in the 2001 in the undisputed center of mixed martial arts world, Las Vegas . Piloted by a tight-knit crew of military members who lived and breathed mixed martial artís raw creative energy, a unique social movement began to take root that was strongly influenced by full contact fightingís unforgiving nature and colorful blend of global flavors. 

In 2006, while deployed overseas as members of the United States Armed Forces, Brandon and Paris Wengert teamed with industry experts to discover the evolution of true mixed martial arts-inspired lifestyle brand - American Stand Up. They captured creative inspiration from the global fight scenes rapidly evolving culture to produce a variety of culturally relevant, authentic products that were thoughtful and gritty like the fighters who inspired them. What began as a simple line of 2 T-Shirts and 2 fighters steadily grew into a full blown fight gear collection with a 100-member fight team.   To this day, Brandon and the team continue to serve the United States Armed Forces.  

Today, American Stand Up is a highly evolved brand with unbreakable mixed martial arts attitude and dialect. As it has since day one, the product line continues to be heavily influenced by fighters, fans, and everything in between.

Look for American Stand Upís extensive line of fight wear, fight gear, women and youth apparel, and accessories to expand to whole new levels with the introduction of its trend-setting 2009 line. 

American Stand Up Ö 
"Taking over the Fighter at a time"

American Stand Up is built upon two foundations:  #1 fighters as the priority and #2 produce the best quality the mixed martial arts world has ever seen.   

The leadership team at American Stand Up are all active duty members of the United States Military. We run American Stand Up profit free, giving all profits back to the fighters to support training, travel and fights.  This fact, along with our slow and persistent approach to advertisement, separates us from the 20 other brands that pop up at every event but go under as there is no way to support the rock star image they portray. We are not completely selfless as we get incredible joy out of taking care of and building relationships with fighters. The fighters truly are the focus of American Stand Up, and we believe that this will lead to long term success in the industry. We currently sponsor over 80 fighters in 4 countries.

We are absolutely obsessed with quality. Every ounce of our effort is spent towards developing the best product on the market. At American Stand Up we have spent $0 on marketing our product to corporations. Our entire marketing plan is to equip fighters with the best pair of gloves, headgear, Thai pads, etc that they have ever seen, and in return they'll tell 100 other fighters about us.

We are the amateur fighters who travel 300 miles, on are own dime, just for the opportunity to fight.  We are the professional fighters who sell shirts out of the back of a truck to pay for training.  We are the fighters who live in the gym, are always in shape, and show up ready to fight with less than 2 days notice.  We are 100% fighters and are about taking care fighters. 

We are not thugs, pimps or commercial.  We are not the trendy new MMA rack at Footlocker, and soon Wal-Mart.  We are not the $30,000 logo in the center of the UFC octagon.  We are not a tiny logo on the left pocket of an undershirt for a headline fighter.  We are not company owners who think we deserve more spotlight than our fighters.