NOTICE:  American Stand Up sent out several pairs of prototype CAGE FEET to our affiliate gyms.  In return, once the CAGE FEET were in the hands of fighters, the popularity and demand were beyond all expectation.  Based on our limited supplies we currently only allow a maximum 3 pairs of CAGE FEET per order. 
Cage Feet

Cage Feet

- American Stand Up created "Cage Feet" inspired by Frank Mir. 6 months prior to his fight with Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira. Frank asked for a ankle brace that provided grip for the bottom of his feet to help with his striking. The resulting product was beyond all expectations and not only provided grip for striking, it provided an incredible advantage in his guard.

- Made of 1 of professional grade grip neoprene

- Designed for fight night/competition use, not for the wear and tear of everyday training

- Based on the sensitive nature of the Cage Feet, these items are not returnable